I Am Water Polo

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USA Water Polo recently launched the Join the Cap Campaign to raise awareness of the sport in a fun way that emphasizes the fact that everyone can play water polo, and that safety is a primary concern. Here is Vashon Water Polo’s take on the same campaign!

Check out the I Am Water Polo website to see really cool videos and look at USAWP’s FaceBook Page to find out more.

Also, be on the look out for the “I Am Waterpolo Photobooth” coming this spring!

I-Am-Water-Polo-Bodhi I-Am-Water-Polo-Maya I-Am-Water-Polo-Connor I-Am-Water-Polo-Leah I-Am-Water-Polo-Davis I-Am-Water-Polo-Ethan I-Am-Water-Polo-Flora I-Am-Water-Polo-Elijah I-Am-Water-Polo-Elise



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